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    Here's a fascinating (and very useful) tutorial from Sam Kary of New EdTech for creating student choice boards in Google Docs to empower students by giving them offer a choice in how they are assessed.

    And here is the link to his website The New EdTech Classroom:

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    Here is a downloadable file of the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) mid-semester feedback survey sample questions. You can also access the Google Doc here:

    Please note that there are colleges and units across MSU's campus that are already offering support to their instructors in collecting formative feedback. This effort is to complement these services and make them accessible...
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    Adopt the 5 main resources for managing online experiences at MSU: Microsoft 365, Google docs, Zoom, Mediaspace, D2L. These tools at MSU are provided to all students (domestic and international) faculty, and staff. These tools are also supported by MSU IT. Take advantage of them! :)