Featured Educator: Andrew Greger

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Featured Educator: Andrew Greger

Featured Educator: Andrew Greger

Andrew Greger is an Educational Technology Manager in Academic and Instructional Support Services unit of the College of Nursing. According to their website, the College of Nursing is "committed to the land grant philosophy and our relationship with the community. We are busy working to achieve our strategic priorities in the areas of:
• Teaching
• Research
• Practice
• Community Outreach
Across all of these priority areas we seek to increase appreciation for diversity and incorporate the value of inclusion into our College."

Andy's unit helps provide teaching and learning support for the College of Nursing faculty and students engaged in onsite, offsite and distance education programs, amongst other things. According to a fellow Spartan, "Andy works tirelessly to support faculty and students successful navigation of all things technology to enhance the learning environment. He responds, without hesitation, to urgent calls about computer blue screens, presentation issues, to evaluating software, designing online learning environments, integration of technology and continuous faculty development and support. Most impressive - he is always patient, supportive, and professional."


Andrew Greger, MAThanks to Andy for being one of MSU's great educators! You can connect with Andy here!

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