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Posted by Rashad Muhammad almost 3 years ago

#iteachmsu Release Notes: April 10th, 2020[UAT] Version- V1.6.3
1. "Authored by" should be prioritized over "posted by"
a. Add authored name into the content cards at feed
b. Article detail page: add Authored by section into the right side
of the posted by
2. Add post into playlist
a. Now user can search for the posts by its description
b. Drag and drop posts into the playlist build section
3. Add attachments into the Articles and posts
a. Supporting File types
i. .pdf
ii. .doc
iii. .docx
iv. .png
v. .jpeg
vi. .ppt
vii. .gif
viii. ,pptx
ix. .xls
x. .xlsx
xi. .ai
b. Added the attachment file types images to the thumbnail
4. Accessibility fixes: Add Hover actions to the Site map
5. Major bugfixes: related to message and search


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