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Posted by Amanda Lanier 11 months ago

Virtual Community and Collaboration | 2-minute poll:

How are you using technology to build and sustain virtual communities, at MSU and beyond MSU?

I'm asking because I have really struggled to answer this for my own grad students and colleagues, I'm frustrated with insufficient answers from MSU IT, and I don't have time to experiment with every tool out there! This question is about connecting and collaborating beyond the level of an individual class. Do you just rely on email and maybe a shared folder somewhere? Do you use Teams with colleagues? Do you have a Team or other online group for all the students in your program? How do you connect with alumni? Do you have social media channels, groups, etc.? Do you use a platform to collaborate with colleagues at other institutions?

The poll has 3 brief questions. Results will appear as word clouds for now but may be re-built into a poll with multi-select items or upvoting-downvoting functions.

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