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    What is the #iteachmsu Commons?    

    You teach MSU. We, the Academic Advancement Network, The Graduate School, and The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, believe that a wide educator community (faculty, TAs, ULAs, instructional designers, academic advisors, et al.) makes learning happen across MSU. But, on such a large campus, it can be difficult to fully recognize and leverage this community’s teaching and learning innovations. To address this challenge, the #iteachmsu Commons provides an educator-driven space for sharing teaching resources, connecting across educator networks, and growing teaching practice.

    #iteachmsu Commons content may be discipline-specific or transdisciplinary, but will always be anchored in teaching competency areas. You will find blog posts, curated playlists, educator learning module pathways, and a campus-wide teaching and learning events calendar. We cultivate this commons across spaces. And through your engagement, we will continue to nurture a culture of teaching and learning across MSU and beyond.


    How Do I Contribute to the #iteachmsu Commons?


    Content is organized by posts, articles, playlists, and primers.


    Posts: Posts are shorter or longer-form blog postings about teaching practice(s), questions for the educator community, and/or upcoming teaching and learning events. With an MSU email address and free account signup, educators can immediately contribute blog posts and connected media (e.g. handouts, slide decks, class activity prompts, promotional materials). All educators at MSU are welcome to use and contribute to #iteachmsu. And there are no traditional editorial calendars. Suggested models of posts can be found here.


    Articles: Are detailed opinion pieces, research reports, articles, etc. that can be published in the public feed, group, or organized into a playlist



    Playlists are groupings of posts curated by individual educators and the #iteachmsu community. Playlists allow individual educators to tailor their development and community experiences based on teaching competency area, interest, and/or discipline.

    Contribute new content for posts:

    A strength of the #iteachmsu Commons is that it immediately allows educators to share teaching resources, questions and events through posts to the entire community. Posts can take a variety of forms and are organized by teaching competency area categories, content tags, date, and popularity. Posts can be submitted by both individual educators and central units for immediate posting but must adhere to #iteachmsu Commons community guidelines.


    What Are the #iteachmsu Commons Policies?

    Part of the mission of the #iteachmsu Commons is to provide space for sharing, reflecting, and learning for all educators on our campus wherever they are in their teaching development. The commons is designed to encourage these types of interactions and reflect policies outlined by the MSU Faculty Senate.  We maintain the right to remove any post that violates guidelines as outlined here and by MSU. To maintain a useful and safer commons, we ask that you:


    Follow the MSU Guidelines for Social Media.

    Engage across the #iteachmsu commons in a civil and respectful manner. Content may be moderated in accordance with the MSU Guidelines for Social Media.
    Do not share private or confidential information via shared content on the #iteachmsu Commons.

    Content posted on the #iteachmsu Commons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Learn more about this licensing here. Posted comments, images, etc. on the #iteachmsu Commons do not necessarily represent the views of Michigan State University or the #iteachmsu Commons Team. Links to external, non-#iteachmsu Commons content do not constitute official endorsement by, or necessarily represent the views of, the #iteachmsu Commons or Michigan State University.


    Other important policies:

    What if I Have #iteachmsu Commons Questions and/or Feedback?

    If you have any concerns about #iteachmsu Commons content, please email us at iteach@msu.edu. We welcome all feedback and thank you for your help in promoting a safer, vibrant and respectful community.

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