Way #2: Making Announcements

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Way #2: Making Announcements

Way #2: Making Announcements

In How to Build an Online Learning Community (In 2020) via @learnworlds 


Announcements help us build a stronger rapport with our learners.

News and announcements make you seem active. You are the half part of the equation.

Depending on your preferences and those of your learners, you can also send emails, text, or social media messages that repeat online announcements or merely remind learners to log in to view those announcements.

If you send a weekly message via email or some other format (eg., Twitter), make sure these are identical to any announcements in your online classroom.

Let learners know from the first day of class that each time they log in, they should check for the latest announcements. So, having a uniform announcement area in your course platform is essential.


Here are some examples of announcements:


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