All D2L Quiz Question Converter Tools

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All D2L Quiz Question Converter Tools

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Author :
Sue Halick and Casey Henley
All D2L Quiz Question Converter Tools

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Author :
Sue Halick and Casey Henley

Quiz Question Converter Tools

Use any of these tools to import questions into a D2L quiz/exam in bulk from your Word document. It is recommended to save a copy of your exam and then make formatting edits for pasting into the tool. If you do all of your edits in the textbox for the tool, you could lose your work. In some cases, it works to create a text file (use Notepad on a PC) and paste questions as text from your Word doc. Then you can add asterisks in front of the correct answer, which is needed in most of the tools.

Recommended Converter Tool:

All question numbers and enumerations are removed, which allows for moving questions around and shuffling questions in the quiz. Edit each question after importing to D2L and use “Options" to add enumeration back in, if needed. Randomization of answer choices is possible by editing each question individually and selecting the option. Includes fill-in-the-blank, which comes through as a short answer (SA) type. This tool is recommended because it is less sensitive to spaces and gives a clear indication when the formatting of a question has an issue. Images can be added into the quiz later (per question using Insert Image). 

Other question converter tools
(ordered in level of complexity):

  1. Easy D2L CSV Multiple Choice Quiz Generator opens in new window
    All question numbers and enumerations are retained in the question and choices; this makes randomizing, moving question order, and shuffling difficult. Only uses MC, Multiple Choice, type. Images will need to be added to the quiz later.

  2. D2L Quiz Question Converter Module opens in new window 
    This tool has been added within this site, so you do not have to go to the Brightspace Community to use it. The link above will take you to the sub-module that contains the converter tool. This tool has more features, such as adding feedback and hints. It removes question numbers and allows you to keep enumerations (abcd) or remove them.

    The formatting for questions in this tool is sensitive to spacing. For example, you cannot have a space after the answer True. The Algonquin tool is not as sensitive to spacing issues.

     See the D2L Quiz Question Converter blog opens in new window for more information on this tool.

  3. Respondus 4.0 Exam Authoring opens in new window
    This PC-only software download is the most feature rich and has a higher learning curve. Use this option if your questions include images. Instructions are included in the MSU Respondus Community self-enrollment opens in new window course. You can upload your Word document without having to use an online text editor and images can be brought into all questions where they exist.

    Importing a Quiz Into D2L Using Respondus opens in new window - this article from IUP explains the process, however, use the information in the link above to access the Respondus software at MSU.  

More on Assessment strategies and test security issues in this site:

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