The Behavioral Intervention Team

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The Behavioral Intervention Team

If you are concerned about a student, employee or other individual for any reason, please consider making a BTAT referral — this is the centralized reporting system at MSU.

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a multidisciplinary team whose purpose is to identify “students of concern” and to provide them with coordinated early interventions, resources and wrap-around care. “Students of concern” are students who are in distress emotionally and/or whose behavior has been significantly disruptive, problematic or concerning. This includes students about whom you have concerns regarding non-emergency mental health, absenteeism, potential substance abuse, etc. BIT’s goals include:

  • Provide early, prompt, effective and coordinated intervention regarding students of concern
  • Deploy resources as necessary and coordinate follow-up with students of concern
  • Provide a point of communication on behalf of the University for students who left the University in crisis and are returning to University housing
  • Identify students who are potentially threatening to themselves or others in order to refer those students to the Behavioral Threat Assessment Team (BTAT) and/or provide appropriate intervention

You can make a referral to BTAT, and they will determine whether the referral will be routed to the BIT, or other resource on campus. 

You can make a referral by:


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