How the Collaborative Learning Center Supports Student Success

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How the Collaborative Learning Center Supports Student Success

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Samuel Drake, Jessica Deforest, Sara Morales, Ariel Arnold
How the Collaborative Learning Center Supports Student Success

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Author :
Samuel Drake, Jessica Deforest, Sara Morales, Ariel Arnold

The Collaborative Learning Center supports student success in a variety of ways. Some examples are through our academic success skills workshops, where we teach students how to use the "six strategies of effective learning" in their studies, and through our peer educator training program, where we help peer educators develop more comprehensive techniques to support students both in and out of the classroom. This poster describes the various CLC programs that support student success.

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Sam Drake, Jessica Deforest, Sara Morales, Ariel Arnold 

Academic Success Skills Workshops 

Through a variety of workshops and structured study sessions, the CLC can help you get on the path to academic success. Students will learn to set goals, use their time more efficiently, and become better learners. Additionally, students will expand their range of study strategies and learn to analyze course content and assessments in order not just to improve grades, but also to heighten understanding, intellectual development, and long term retention. 

Comments From Students 

“I would recommend this resource to a fellow colleague because I personally came back with a lot of helpful tips that I feel will help me succeed and why wouldn’t I want that for a friend.” – UGS 110 Student 

“I would recommend this resource to a friend because it helped me realize the actual extent of my procrastination, and how that is affecting me. Even now I am getting this worksheet done very quickly after the session and not waiting until later, having to struggle to figure out what was said in the presentation.” – UGS 110 Student 

I would recommend this resource to anyone who is struggling in note taking strategies and processing information in lectures. This was extremely helpful for me, and I think that it would be great for anyone to take! I do not think that there is an instance where I would not recommend this to a friend, because even if you like the note taking strategies that you use, this workshop 

Peer Educator Training  

The CLC provides training and professional development opportunities that are developed to enhance Peer Educators’ skills in supporting their fellow students. Training and professional development opportunities are grounded in research and best practices. Sessions include pedagogy, socio-emotional skills, and university policy and procedures. 

Comments from Students 

I thought this was a great session that should be presented to a wider audience! I think empathy is something that everyone could use a little practice with from time to time – Peer Educator Training Participant 

I really liked the chat back feature. It seems more effective in articulating a response than being asked the same question in person. I liked that the presentation included engaging videos. The polls really helped to express our opinions. The content of the presentation was clear, and I learned a lot. – Peer Educator Training Participant 

Student Interests and Support Survey (SISS) 

The Spartan Interests and Support Survey (SISS) is a university-wide initiative designed to assess how we can best support incoming students. This assessment measures several "non-academic" factors that have been proven to connect to college success. Scores from the assessment will be used to proactively refer students to campus resources and to help us as a university understand what we can do in the future to best support our students. Variables measured are .Positive Self-Concept – Realistic Self-Appraisal, Long Range Goals, Availability Of A Strong Support Person, Non-Traditional Learning, Demonstrated Community Service, Strong Leadership Experience, Navigating the System of Racism (or other “isms”) 

1 in 4: The number of students who indicated that they would most like a job that involves working with people 

15%  The percentage of incoming students who indicated that they did not have a clear plan for their future. 



This diagram shows the 3 areas in which the CLC supports student success: Academic Success Skills workshops, Students Success Assessment, and Peer Educator Training.