#iteachmsu Community Norms

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#iteachmsu Community Norms

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Author :
Candace Robertson and Lindsay Luft
#iteachmsu Community Norms

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Author :
Candace Robertson and Lindsay Luft

#iteachmsu Community Norms and Practices

The #iteachmsu Commons is an inclusive community. In order to cultivate and maintain a space where we all feel comfortable sharing ideas, questions, and resources, we have developed this set of norms and practices.

If you feel that there is something missing from these standards that is essential to our community, please let us know.

  • We value a diverse community and inclusive language, interactions, and practices. We’re all here to learn. 
      1. We will work to promote an anti-discriminatory environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. Accordingly, each of us has the right to be addressed in a way that aligns with our personal identity.
      2. Discriminatory language or imagery is not tolerated. 
      3. We welcome linguistic diversity while recognizing the public nature of the platform and the sharing capacity. 
      4. Content that is shared will be formatted for accessibility. For your support, review this Basic Accessibility Checklist when creating content.
      5. We all value learning and are supportive of our community members as we expand our knowledge together. We all make mistakes and that's okay. If someone shares a misconception, question, etc., we will respond in a constructive, non-critical way.
  • We believe in the power and importance of sharing responsibly.
      1. We encourage each other. We ask questions. We answer questions. We provide feedback and resources to deepen our understanding.
      2. When an idea is not yours originally, a proper attribution and/or citation should be provided.
      3. Copyright and Fair Use guidelines should be adhered to. Need support to determine if you’re following them? Contact MSU Libraries’ Copyright Office.
  • This is a learning community built by members, for members.
    1. Search the site before adding new/reduplicated content.
    2. Use a title and description that provides an accurate reflection of what your article, post, assessment, etc. covers.
    3. Use the tagging feature to label/categorize your content and improve the search experience. 
    4. Select the appropriate/relevant group to share your content to.
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