I have a student who needs academic help

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I have a student who needs academic help

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This Student Success playlist was created by members of the Educators Empowering Student Success Group which is working on the Faculty Improving Student Success Strategic Initiative
Below is a list of resources that promote student success. All links provided are direct links (ONE CLICK) connecting you to contact information or an educator who can respond to your questions and/or help your students who need academic help. Thank you for helping our students achieve their goals.

Academic Advising

For students in a particular college or department:

For students in a residential college:

For students selected to be in the Honors College:

For students who have not yet selected a major [Exploratory Major preference]; usually first year students or sophomores):

For students in an ROTC Program

Help Rooms

Business Courses for Students in Multicultural Business Programs Please click on the link and contact Ed Tillet, Director Multicultural Business Programs/ Darrell King, Sr. Associate Director/ Anne Crain, Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator

Accounting 201 & 202
Economics 201 & 202
Math 103, MTH 103A, & MTH 103B
Statistics 200
CSE 102

CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) 

Engineering Guided Learning Center Primary focus is to offer academic assistance and support to underserved undergraduate engineering students and students majoring in various STEM fields

Help Rooms Housed in the College of Natural Science  

Help Rooms Housed in the College of Social Science

James Madison Writing Consultancy (MC 201)    

Packaging Help Room

 Veterinary Medicine

Supplemental and walk-in tutorial services

Other Academic Support  

Collaborative Learning Center: For students wanting to develop their academic skills [study skills, note taking, time management, etc.] and for students interested in becoming peer educators

CoRe Experience [Cornerstone Engineering Residential Experience]: All first-year engineering students are considered part of CoRe where they engage in academic [i.e., tutoring, advising] and co-curricular activities; some students choose to join a living-learning community in Wilson or Wonders Halls

English Language Center: For international students needing to improve their English language skills before beginning their academic course work

ESL Writing Lab:  For international students seeking help with course assignments i.e., reading comprehension, writing, etc. 

Writing Center: For students seeking assistance with brainstorming, writing, making multimodal projects, and interpreting writing assignments