MSU Attendance Policy

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MSU Attendance Policy

MSU Attendance Policy

MSU Attendance Policy:

"No person is allowed to attend a class unless officially enrolled on a credit or non-credit basis with the appropriate fees paid. Students who attend, participate and strive to complete course requirements without formal enrollment will not receive credit for their work...It is the responsibility of the instructor to define the policy for attendance at the beginning of the course."

Attendance policies and the repercussions for non-attendance are the purview of the class instructor. MSU suggests the following guidance related to COVID-related absences: 

  • Clearly state the class expectations for attendance and consequences for non-attendance in the syllabus, including your policy for illness 

    • Consider how you will accommodate students who might need to be absent for two or more weeks 

    • Instructors are encouraged to give students the benefit of the doubt and not require medical evidence and make accommodations as best as possible. 

  • Clearly state the class policies related to missing quizzes and submitting late work and the consequences for missing or late work. 

  • Suggest to students that they reach out to their advisors, College Student Affairs offices, and instructors if they will need to miss class due to COVID. 

  • Encourage the students to establish a peer network of support in case they need to miss class. To get the name out of a few students in class or teach them how to use D2L, so they can reach out to appear if they need assistance or to get notes. 

  • Provide information about the grief absence process and consider being generous if students report they have experienced a loss; consider putting in links to CAPS and other support services listed on the Keep Learning Website. 

In addition to the Attendance Policy, your syllabus should also include:

  • Effect of attendance on final grade, if any
  • Excused or unexcused absences
  • Policy on missed or late work
Check out this article for more information on syllabus basics

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