Technology training from MSU IT is expanding

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Technology training from MSU IT is expanding

Technology training from MSU IT is expanding

Foundational for any position and skill level on campus, MSU IT training courses cover primary collaboration tools like Zoom, Spartan 365, and specific Microsoft applications like Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, and Forms. These courses are offered at no cost to all MSU faculty, staff, and students in support of your success in teaching, learning, research, and outreach collaboration.

Whether you are on campus, fully remote, or a mix of modalities, MSU IT offers a variety of training options to suit your busy schedule. In-person training courses, virtual-led training courses, and on-demand course recordings are all available in addition to weekly office hours for those who have questions or need help.

There are a variety of entry level and intermediate classes available now through the end of the semester. Visit SpartansLearn for details, course dates, and to register now for the course topics below.

Spartan 365 Overview 

As one of the premiere tools for collaboration in teaching, learning, and working at MSU, this course will give an overview of the main Microsoft 365 apps including Forms, OneDrive, OneNote, and Teams.

Microsoft Forms – Creating Forms and Surveys 

Forms can help you survey classmates, students, coworkers, or any group where feedback is needed. Learn how to create forms and surveys; format, branch, and collect data; and share with others.

Microsoft OneDrive –  Getting Started 

OneDrive is a great place to store files in the cloud, share documents, and ensure document security. Learn about the basics in this entry level course.

Microsoft OneDrive –  Working with OneDrive  

Expanding on the basics of OneDrive, learn more about this great storage tool. Discover navigation strategies, explore the desktop app settings and options, manage accessibility of files and folders, and more.

Microsoft OneNote – Getting Started 

Explore the fundamentals of this helpful tool to help you organize information. Learn how to navigate OneNote to organize your content across notebooks, sections, and pages. 

Microsoft OneNote – Special Notebooks 

An intermediate course for faculty and managers to dive deeper into the special notebook functionality of OneNote. Learn how to identify, understand, and use the different types of special notebooks with your students or staff to organize important information.

Microsoft Teams – Getting Started 

Teams is one of the best tools for effective communication and collaboration. Discover how to chat and have meetings with individuals, groups, and entire teams.

Microsoft Teams – SharePoint Site  

This course expands on the collaborative capabilities of Teams to show how it connects to Microsoft SharePoint to store document libraries, create site pages, and use lists. 

Microsoft Teams –  Managing Teams and Settings  

Specific to collaborating with others, this course will help you understand Team properties, Private Channels, and options for members, owners, and guests. Learn how to change status messages, participate in another Teams tenant, review saved messages, and set notifications.

Microsoft Teams –  Meetings 

Teams allows for collaboration through virtual meetings. Learn how to schedule, run, and record a meeting with Teams, and how to utilize breakout rooms, prepare for a session, and manage rooms as the meeting organizer.

Zoom – Getting Started   

A great tool for scheduling and hosting virtual meetings, learn how to access Zoom at MSU and explore its settings. 

Zoom – Meetings

This course digs deeper into the functionality of Zoom meetings to show you how to effectively set up and manage breakout rooms, manage recordings and reports, configure advanced polls and quizzes, and understand the best methods for sharing content.

Additional training opportunities are also available for those interested in learning more about specific tools geared toward teaching and learning. Visit this iTeach article for a list of trainings provided monthly by the MSU IT Educational Technology team.

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