Classroom Specific DEI Recommendations

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Classroom Specific DEI Recommendations

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Patti Stewart
Classroom Specific DEI Recommendations

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Author :
Patti Stewart
So you've started to think about diversity, equity, and inclusion. You read DEI & Student Belonging and have reflected on your educator identity. But now you're wondering - how... how do I work to make sure my course is an equitable and inclusive space?
  • Consider your course resources
    • Be mindful of choosing course materials (language, examples, photos) and whose voices you're highlighting
    • Older materials can be an opportunity to address DEI awareness over time
  • Think about your students
    • Pronunciation, pronouns & consistency
    • Consider everyone as individuals who are unique & don’t make assumptions about student identities (race, religion, orientation, gender)
    • Address growth mindset & possible anxiety
  • Be intentional in how you facilitate discussion
  • Think critically about your communication
    • Language matters: avoid idioms, “common” figures of speech (CSU Inclusive Language Guide), abbreviations and acronyms should be explained
    • Use multiple forms of communication (seeing/hearing, and also explain key ideas in different ways)
    • Gather feedback from students 
    • Don’t assume quiet students don’t understand – there are numerous reasons why a student may not speak up
  • [Re]consider your classroom presentation/lecture/facilitation approach
    • Use gender neutral language and include varied examples
    • Promote a respectful classroom climate
    • Encourage participation (eye contact, wait time, talk with students outside of class)
    • Vary teaching methods to learning styles
    • Be very cautious of humor in class
  • Be intentional about setting up teams & group projects
    • Heterogeneous, but avoid tokenism
    • Check-in often
    • Use peer evaluations
  • Articulate assessment and evaluation expectations

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