2021 #iteachmsu Ask Me Anythings

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2021 #iteachmsu Ask Me Anythings

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Makena Neal
MSU is a big place where a lot of individuals have unique experiences and perspectives. Our idea with the #iteachmsu Ask Me Anything is to create an asynchronous opportunity for educators to be in conversation with their colleagues. We'll be utilizing the #iteachmsu Commons Feed as the space for AMAs!
note: the Feed is publicly visible, but only users who have logged in with their MSU netID can reply/comment.

The Schedule:
The following are confirmed #iteachmsu AMA Hosts, their topics, and the date they'll be answering questions! This list will be continually updated as more Hosts are confirmed.
How does it work:
On the day of an AMA, the AMA Host will post an introduction in the Feed by 10am Eastern. If you have a question for the host, related to the topic they've outlined, you can share your questions by commenting on their post. Hosts will share their responses to your questions via the reply to comment function throughout the day. There is no registration required to participate in the #iteachmsu AMAs, and educators are engaged to join as often as they can!

“Topics” can be any general activity, area of expertise, or theme that Hosts feel they can speak to.  Remember, Hosts aren't asked to be the be-all-end-all expert. We’re just hoping this will be a new way of having conversations and building connections.

In the example below, you can see an introductory post shared by Dustin De Felice, one of our #iteachmsu AMA Hosts last year. The comment button (depicted as a speech bubble) is emphasized with a red box. You'll click that button to share your questions with the Host!

If you're an MSU educator, interested in joining us as an AMA Host, you can sign up via this form. 
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Makena Neal #iteachmsu