Enhancing Academic Success Early: EASE Reports

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Enhancing Academic Success Early: EASE Reports

Enhancing Academic Success Early: EASE Reports

Enhancing Academic Success Early, or EASE, was developed by MSU as a tool for faculty to report early signs of academic trouble – low grades, missing classes or failing to participate actively in courses. If signs of academic trouble are identified early, advisers and other Student Success Team members can swiftly take action to help the student get back on the path to success.

According to Dr. Kris Renn (Professor of Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education & Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for Student Success Research), the EASE Reports:
  • Confidential report on grade, attendance, or engagement
  • Uses Registrar’s course grade system
  • Alert goes to academic advisor and student
  • Fall 2017: over 75,000 reports on over 18,000 unique students
    • Advisors followed up on 80% of reports of <2.5 

The Instructor System provides instructors and academic administrators a secure interface with the Office of the Registrar and other administrative units. The system includes: Academic Dishonesty Reports, Class Lists and Graded Class Lists, Class Lists with Student Images, Email Students in a Class, Grade Reporting Form, Grade Upload, Grade Submission Summary, Enhancing Academic Success Early (EASE) Reports and Archive, and Textbook and Material Entry/Update.

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