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Posted by Stokes Schwartz about 2 years ago

It's the start of Week Three! Now that enrollments have stabilized, I have students begin working in student learning teams of four-five people this week for the rest of the semester. To assist the student learning teams in my courses, I developed three brief Doodly whiteboard animations in May-June '21 that replace some rather pedestrian Prezi videos used during the 2020-2021 AY. I embed code for these animations in my Week Three course modules on D2L and direct students to them in the Week Three 'Start Here!' guidelines, which are both emailed and shared at the top of the related course module, so student have them in two places. The procedure is similar each week. Anyway, here are links to the animations for those who might be interested:

Week Three: Your Studeunt Learning Team Kick-Off --

Week Three: Create a List of Team Values --

Week Three: Ensure Civil Discourse in Your Student Learning Team --