Instructional Technology and Development Staff Bio - Nick Noel

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Instructional Technology and Development Staff Bio - Nick Noel

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Nick Noel

Nick Noel


Instructional Designer, Instructional Technology and Development Team


Bachelor’s Electronic Media and Political Science, Eastern Michigan University
Master’s Educational Technology, Michigan State University

Work Experience

I have worked in a variety of technology support roles on campus. I started in classroom support about 10 years ago, managed a media center at the union for a bit and then moved into instructional design and instructional technology about five years ago. This has given me a great perspective as I have worked with instructors in a classroom setting, fully online and everything in-between. 

One of the things I enjoy best about my work is assisting in the design of courses. It is a great joy to help craft a learning experience that is beneficial, interesting and fun for both the students and instructors. 

Professional Interests

I may be a little bit of an outlier as I have worked with technology for most of my life, but I’m not particularly interested in it. I like the things that technology can enhance and provide, like works of art and entertainment, engagement in learning, access to information and communication with people that it would otherwise be impossible to connect with. But I don’t think that new technology is fundamentally interesting or inherently useful. Any technology created by humans is going to have positives and negatives, and it is my job to help people navigate those issues and make the choices that best suit their needs and the needs of their students. 

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