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Posted by Stokes Schwartz almost 2 years ago

After attending a learning community yesterday afternoon (and looking at MSU's online guidelines) on diversity, equity, and inclusion, I took a stab at putting together a two-minute Doodly video on the subject but pitched to the students in my courses. I've embedded it within the Week Six module of each course since part of student teamwork next week will be assessing their team dynamic, habits, and processes in the completion of Project #1, which teams are turning in on Friday, October 1st. Invariably, there will be a few teams who had interpersonal and/or work habit problems due to procrastination, poor planning, or weak organization. I've tried to use very basic DEI guidelines/definitions as a way to help teams think about their approach and improve collaboration for the latter 2/3 of the semester. See what you think. I hope I am not missing the point somehow. Here's the link: