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Posted by Stokes Schwartz about 1 month ago

Is there one question that students ask you over and over again every semester that makes you want to pull out every last hair? Mine is: Do we HAVE to read the two books that will become part of our Flipsnack Virtual Readers' Guide Booklet student learning team project?

If I had a dime for every time I have asked that question or a version thereof. . .

But this time, I've been smart and developed a short Doodly explainer video to help student learning teams when they have waited too long before compiling their materials for their Readers' Guides, leaving themselves with little time to read the two books (along with two recent journal articles and two websites, blogs, or wikis) that are part of the project.

The approach I suggest in this explainer animation is quick and dirty, but it will nevertheless get students headed in the right direction even if they start Monday on a project that is due Friday (of Week 10).

I have embedded the animation into my Week Nine course modules for students' easy reference. In addition, I'll just send the Youtube link to any students who email the dreaded question to me.

Here is the link for anyone who might like to take a look: