Catalyst Innovation Program Spring 2022 Cohort

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Catalyst Innovation Program Spring 2022 Cohort

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Rashad Muhammad
Catalyst Innovation Program Spring 2022 Cohort

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Author :
Rashad Muhammad
The Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) announces a new round of Catalyst Innovation Program (CIP) recipients for Spring 2022. This program funds creative and innovative uses of tools, technology, and pedagogical approaches for the purposes of allowing experimentation with the potential to enhance student learning experiences with just-in-time awards.

It is with great enthusiasm that I present the Spring 2022 Catalyst Innovation Program recipients:

Brad WIlcuts, Daniel Trego
New Media Performance Laboratory

Jon Frey
Department of Art, Art History, & Design
Opening New Windows

Judy Walgren and Megan Kudzia
Journalism/Digital Scholarship Lab
Unlocking 360-degree video production for the MSU Library's 360-degree theater

Linda Nubani
School of Planning, Design, and Construction
Integrating eye-tracking and facial expression technology to evaluate the impact of interior design students’ projects on the well-being of users

Quentin Tyler
MSU ODEI, MSU School of Planning Construction and Design, and MSU Extension
A Mile in My Shoes; A Continuation of Virtual Reality Confronting Bias

Stephen Thomas
The Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education (APUE)
Broadening access and increasing representation among MSU’s Undergraduate Learning Assistants (ULAs) through software management, LA Campus.

Sunil Chakrapani and Jenifer Saldanha
Electrical and Computer Engineering and Biological Sciences program
QR code-based instruction in engineering and biology laboratories

Susan McQuiston
Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics
Access to Flow Cytometry data analysis enhances student learning, preparation, and engagement in diverse medical and research applications in preparation for future careers

This is the first award cycle since the formation of the CTLI. Grantees are already benefiting from the CTLI’s integration with the MSU Library through consultations with talent and expertise found in the OER Team, Makerspace, and Digital Scholarship Lab

MSU’s Chief Digital Academic Officer Brendan Guenther points to the rapidity with which innovation happens, and how structures must adapt - “Catalyst awards give us a rapid investment lever for individuals in the #iteachMSU community, when they sense the need for innovation and have an inspired idea, we can give them the boost needed to make something happen without waiting for the next annual planning cycle.”

As the year progresses, we will share stories to keep you updated on the progress these projects are making. Our goal is to empower our recipients to experiment, learn and share that knowledge with the rest of the MSU educator community. If you missed this application cycle, the next opportunity will be available late Spring 2022. Get your ideas ready!