MSU Resources on Civility and Community Enhancement in Academic Environments

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MSU Resources on Civility and Community Enhancement in Academic Environments

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Patti Stewart
MSU Resources on Civility and Community Enhancement in Academic Environments

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Author :
Patti Stewart

MSU Resources on Civility and Community Enhancement in Academic Environments

Michigan State University is a large and diverse institution hosting a variety of climates and cultures. Understanding and navigating these cultures can sometimes be challenging, so this list of resources is provided to increase awareness of the opportunities for learning and growth that are available to enhance our community and those that engage with it. It is the responsibility of everyone at MSU to contribute to an academic environment that welcomes every individual and respects their unique talents as we all work toward preparing future generations of Spartans. 

Resources available at MSU

  • Conflict Resolution: 
    • The Faculty Grievance Office responds to inquiries from MSU faculty, academic staff and administrators concerning alleged violations of MSU policies and practices.
    • The Office of the University Ombudsperson assists students, staff members, instructors, and administrators sort through university rules and regulations that might apply to specific student issues and concerns and help to resolve disputes.
    • Learn at Lunch this informal series welcomes anyone to bring their lunch and join the conversation. A variety of topics related to inclusion, social justice and equity will be highlighted - the schedule for the year is posted on the website in August.
    • Implicit Bias Certificate Program (available through MSU HR in EBS): this series of three sessions include topics on Creating an Inclusive Environment, Implicit Bias and Microaggressions, and Preparing for the Next Encounter. Sessions can be attended consecutively or combined to complete a certificate. 
    • List of diversity and inclusion workshops offered (examples include Building an Inclusive Workplace, Disrupting Bias in the Academy, Racial Literacy, Building an Inclusive Classroom, Inclusive Leadership, Diversifying and Retaining Faculty and Staff) 
    • MSU Dialogues a cohort-based experience exploring deep conversations about race, gender and other important aspects of identity. Undergraduate, graduate, faculty and staff groups are formed through application and the series of 6-8 meetings is offered each semester. 
  • MSU Human Resources also has information and workshops available to further productive conversations about workplace culture and environments: 
    • List of behavioral competencies
    • Free online learning opportunities through elevateU including topics such as: 
      • Building a High-Performing Work Culture (example topics: personal skills, optimizing team performance, leadership skills)
      • E-books available in the Library (titles on health and wellness, etc.) 
    • In-person workshops in collaboration with units across campus. Access to these programs is through EBS - Some of these include: 
      • Building Capacity-Resilience as a Leader
      • Creating & Sustaining Positive Workplace
      • Creating an Inclusive Environment
      • Crucial Accountability    
      • Crucial Conversations
      • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
      • Engaging Teams for Maximum Performance
      • Ethics: How Do We Deal With "Gray Areas"
      • Honing Your Emotional Intelligence
      • Inclusive Communication Series
      • Managing Difficult Customers
      • Prohibited Harassment: for employees, for supervisors, student employees
      • Thriving through Change
  • Prevention, Outreach and Education Department offers a variety of trainings on  violence prevention and bystander intervention, healthy ways of practicing consent and establishing boundaries, creating a culture of respect in the workplace, navigating boundaries in professional settings and more.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): no cost, confidential counseling service offered to MSU faculty, staff, retirees, graduate student employees, and their families. 
  • Health4U Program: some examples of resources provided include: emotional wellness coaching, courses, events and resources to support more healthy habits and practice 
  • The Academic Advancement Network offers thriving sessions for Academic Specialists, Fixed-term Faculty, and Tenure-System Faculty are focused on supporting career progression. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people who can help individuals and units navigate the various appointment types at MSU.
  • LBGTQ Resource Center offers QuILL training: Queer Inclusive Learning and Leadership Training for understanding the experiences of people who may be marginalized by their gender identity.
  • Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions  offers intercultural leadership training for departments and organizations

Other useful external resources

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