CCL Free Webinar on 01/07 on "Collegiate Leadership Development"

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CCL Free Webinar on 01/07 on "Collegiate Leadership Development"

CCL Free Webinar on 01/07 on "Collegiate Leadership Development"

Free webinar on the second day of spring semester (1/7/2020) from the Center for Creative Leadership:


Assessment, Challenge and Support: Our Framework for Contextualizing Collegiate Leadership Development.


Leadership development for students is an increasingly important part of the higher education experience. When students graduate, they’ll need to do more than apply lessons learned in the classroom. They’ll also be expected to be self-aware, skilled collaborators who are effective individual contributors with the potential to lead teams, departments, and eventually entire organizations.


But curricula are not “one size fits all.” Successful collegiate leadership development hinges on contextualizing a program to your institution, your shared goals, and your students.

This webinar will highlight CCL’s Assessment-Challenge-Support (ACS) Framework to explore how you can create success in and out of the classroom through deliberate, thoughtful program development. Participants will leave with an understanding of the ACS framework and how to apply it to their students’ leadership journey.


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