Testing the bulleting and header features within the site

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Testing the bulleting and header features within the site

Testing the bulleting and header features within the site

I once tried to copy over content from a text document and it didn't drop in well. The spacing was weird. Additionally, the bulleting feature didn't show right when I published the article and the heading feature did not work. So I am testing this now. 

First, let's test the headers: 

This is a 'header 1'

let's see how this works. Headers are important for accessibility. 

This is a 'header 2'

Why is it important? They help assistive technologies read the content and sets up the ability to use functions that enable users to advance through the materials in helpful ways.

This is a 'header 3'

Imagine if there is a 60 page paper. What many of us are used to papers and publications that have section headers, titles, subtitles, and the lot. If I am seeing impaired, I won't be able to 'see' those features of the piece. But, assistive technologies plus the use of built in features like headers, allows readers to navigate through the text via the titles and subtitles (depending on how it is set up...the assistive technology that I use reads out the lines and gives me to choice to go to the next and also navigate through the various header levels). 

Now onto the bullets. 
Bullets and numbers are important. I like lists. Lists can be helpful when I want to present materials in a certain way, but often when you copy content over from somewhere else (and if that content already has bullets), it will not paste in correctly. So while you might 'see' bullets it might actually be a series of spaces followed by a special character dot and an assistive technology might read "space space space space space space space dot" and then read the content after the bullet...and this is rather annoying to listen to. 
So let's see how the site handles bullets:

  • this is a bullet
  • this is another bullet
  • this is one more bullet
  • this is the last bullet
  • wait you know what, I don't want to be a bullet. I want to be a number.
  1. Ah ha! Now I am a number. 
  2. Wait...what is happening, now I am a different number. 
  3. Ahhhhhhh [identity crisis looming]

Phew...normal text again.

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Maddie Shellgren #iteachmsu