What does the Teaching Toolkit Tailgate look like in 2020?

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What does the Teaching Toolkit Tailgate look like in 2020?

What does the Teaching Toolkit Tailgate look like in 2020?

Teaching Toolkit Tailgate  (TTT) is a "resource fair" aimed at connecting educators across campus with practice-oriented tools, activities, and resources. In the past, TTT has been an in-person event with rooms dedicated to particular themes and individuals stationed at tables with printed "cards". Given public health guidance related to Covid19 and group gatherings, we're shifting to some online opportunities instead!


For starters, all TTT resource cards are being uploaded into this group. We've asked the original creators of the content to upload their cards, but if they didn't have the capacity to do so, their card was uploaded with attributions given to each author. You will see that some authors have chosen to upload their actual card file, so you can download, and print double-sided, while others have copied their content into #iteachmsu's blog-like article format. Both are getting you connected with tools and resources and that is what we care about. Additionally, articles will be organized into playlists in the hopes that we can still connect you with themed information (in lieu of visiting a specific room, you can click a playlist for themed tools).


Opportunities to engage:

  • We will host a #iteachmsu Ed Chat on twitter with practice-oriented prompts on August 20th from 12-1pm. For more information on what an Ed CHat is and a glimpse at the history of #iteachmsu Ed Chat's, you can check out this blog from the Hub. On 8/20, all prompts will be shared out from the Hub's Twitter handle (@MSUHUB) using #iteachmsu.


  • Additionally, we're arranging "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) with hosts who have contributed to the broad TTT categories. Each host will be checking in here (the #iteachmsu TTT group) for questions about their topic or area of expertise. The line up of AMA hosts is still evolving, so check back in on this article for updates. 
    • If you see a host is willing to answer questions and share their ideas/experience around a topic of interest, log into on their day and share your questions with them via posts in the TTT group. They'll respond with comments and you can engage in further conversation. 
      • If you are a user who has had experience with a question that has been asked, we encourage you to also comment. The AMAs are intended to connect you with other educators at MSU and create opportunities to engage in deeper conversation. *Luckily, this is one the exact intentions of the #iteachmsu Commons!

There is no registration required to participate in either of these TTT "events", please log in and engage as often as you can!



AMA hosts:

  • Aug. 24th: Cheryl Caesar - Teaching Multilingual Students
  • Aug. 25th: Megan Kudzia - Digital Pedagogy/Research in Current Remote Moment
  • Aug. 26th: Justin Wigard - Teaching with Comics in the Online Classroom
  • Aug. 27th: Justin Wigard - Teaching with Video Games in the Online Classroom
  • Aug. 28th: Justin Wigard - Zines and Zine-Making as Critical Making Pedagogy
  • Sept. 1st: Ellie Louson - Experiential Learning
  • Sept. 2nd: Shannon Burton (Office of the University Ombudsperson) - Code of Teaching Responsibility, Academic Integrity & Student Rights
  • Sept. 3rd: Kristen Mapes - Building your digital presence and website development
  • Sept. 9th: Dustin De Felice -Using/Making Videos
  • Sept. 30th: Sarah Schultz - Out-of-class learning and engagement; co-curricular records


Additional hosts and dates are still being confirmed. This article will be updated as we know more!


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