College of Veterinary Medicine 2021 #iteachmsu Educator Award Recipients

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College of Veterinary Medicine 2021 #iteachmsu Educator Award Recipients

The following is a list of the educators receiving the #iteachmsu Educator Award from the College of Veterinary Medicine . For more information on these awards, check out the article entitled "#iteachmsu Educator Awards".

Jennifer Thomas: Jennifer Thomas has gone above and beyond to help the veterinary students at MSU be as successful as possible in a completely novel learning environment. She is genuinely invested in the success of every veterinary student, and is a model of teaching excellence. She excels in her craft, and her care for creating an excellent and optimal learning environment is evident to all. There are few who deserve to be recognized for being a superb educator more than Jennifer Thomas.  

Janet Hengesbach: Year after year, Janet introduces the fourth-year veterinary and veterinary nursing students to the diagnostic laboratory and provides them their safety instruction on the post-mortem floor.  With a new group of students every 3 weeks, it could get old and boring, but she covers this important information with enthusiasm, energy, and humor.  For the rest of the 3 weeks, she is the "go-to" person for all the students, reminding them of all the safety guidelines, showing them new techniques, and helping them deal with what for some is a new and challenging environment.  Not only this, but she is an amazing support for the numerous different faculty who come out to teach each day.  Every day, Janet is the consistent positive encouraging face the students see and her spirit is contagious around the laboratory.

Micaela Flores: I would like to thank Ms. Flores for always being willing to partner with the College Assistance Migrant Program and the students we serve. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that students are aware of the resources available to them. She demonstrates humility and a genuine interest in student success. I appreciate specialists like her. 

Jule Strachota: Dr. Strachota strives everyday to make the curriculum relevant and exciting for the students.  She prepared extensive study guides to help them prioritize the reading material (helping them learn HOW to read advanced medical literature) and combined this with presenting real-life cases and experiences to enhance their motivation and "big-picture" view.  She spends hours each day attentively answering the students' questions, making them feel like professionals because they asked questions - and not making them feel inferior because the material is tough.  Her empathy makes students want to learn. 

Sarah Shull: Dr. Shull is an endless resource of creative and productive ideas on how to reach the students in subject areas that are challenging for even the best students.  She has approached this in both big and  little ways.  She has developed an extensive video collection of important techniques for the subject area and also made the small but very meaningful suggestion that the course moderator ceremoniously welcome the students to the next course in their curriculum (demonstrating that the instructors AND the students are all a team).  The students can tell when the instructors enjoy their subjects and their colleagues, and Dr. Shull goes out of her way to demonstrate both. 

Anyone can recognize a fellow Spartan for their contributions to MSU's teaching and learning mission or for how they made a lasting impression on your experience. All you have to do is click "Thank an Educator" in the left panel of From there you'll see a short form where you can enter the name, netID, and a short story of the educator you'd like to recognize.
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