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Posted by Garth J Sabo almost 2 years ago

Stokes and I are finalizing our agenda for our meeting this Friday, and in order to prevent this from being a 3-hour meeting, we're winnowing down my attempts to ask the wordiest questions possible. I couldn't bear to cut the question below entirely though, so I'm posting it here to see if it sparks any asynchronous discussion!

Towards the end of Ch. 2, Museus, Griffin, and Quaye note that “calls for the elimination of cultural centers and organizations in order to create more opportunities for engagement across difference and fewer options for self-segregation do not acknowledge the important positive role that these organizations play in the lives of Students of Color. In fact, given the positive outcomes stemming from student participation and leadership in culturally-based organizations, institutions must begin or continue to support their goals and efforts” (28).

MSU has recently been in the news for plans to construct a freestanding multicultural center to expand the footprint of spaces currently provided in the MSU Union. (We may also recall that MSU made national headlines for closing its 90-year-old women’s lounge in 2016, under various external pressures.) [Links to both stories below]

How do you see events like these contributing to the climate/culture on MSU's campus?

What would it look like to advocate for or act on these topics responsibly from our positions?