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Posted by Stokes Schwartz over 1 year ago

Thank you everyone for an interesting year of discussion in and around the ongoing challenge of how we might better motivate and engage our students in the physical and digital classroom here at MSU. With that in mind, I've complied a working bibliography, of sorts, containing (mostly) recent titles that provide practical information on motivating and engaging students, teaching critical/deeper thinking, the application universal design for learning, collaborative learning, reflective learning, culturally responsive and inclusive teaching practices, Ed Tech and digital learning among other approaches. All titles are readily available through Amazon. I hope you might find a few of the titles useful as we steam through the coming summer months and toward Fall 2022. Maybe there are a couple of titles here that might provide some lighter "beach reading" as we look forward to some downtime after a couple of difficult years.

Thank you again everyone!

Kind Regards,

Stokes and Garth


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