Tips and Tricks for Making Online Videos

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Tips and Tricks for Making Online Videos

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Dustin De Felice
Tips and Tricks for Making Online Videos

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Author :
Dustin De Felice

Are you considering videos?


Adding videos to any course (online or face-to-face) can provide students with a number of benefits. Videos can often provide deeper connections to course content, inspire and engage students, and put more autonomy into the hands of learners.


The Key Becomes How To Make Effective Videos.


What tips and tricks will help with creating videos for student consumption? Start with these three areas:


1) Planning Video Content.

  • Make content specific videos separate from classroom business
  • Stick to the objectives and your course material in one video
  • Address students and course house-keeping in another
  • Avoid mentioning dates, current events, other time-specific elements

2) Improving Video Elements.

  • Improve your audio to make better videos
  • Use the best microphone possible
  • Pay attention to where you are recording
  • Minimize background noise
  • Clean up audio files if necessary

3) Creating Video Coherency

  • Connect visuals, audio, and content together
  • Refer to every element in your videos (from figures to images to text)
  • Tell a story through all of these elements

Resources for Video Creation


  • Or read about research on using videos in all kinds of classrooms:

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