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Beyond PowerPoint

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Tools for Multimedia Presentations


Why should students use a variety of tools?

People process information in a variety of ways, and the most effective method that information is transmitted varies depending on the audience, goals of the presenter and the information itself. By encouraging students to explore different methods of relaying information, you are also teaching them how to explain things to a diverse audience.


How to Get Started:

Explore the tools on the back of this sheet, or any others you know of. Pick one or two that you like and are comfortable with. Then, pick one project or presentation that is usually done in PowerPoint or as an essay, and adapt some or all of it for the new tool.  You can always contact IT and meet with an Instructional Designer if you’d like to bounce ideas off of someone else. They can also come to your class to demonstrate the tools to your students. 


When to Use: 

This can be incorporated into most courses, at really any level. For students who are new to the material, or the university, it would be useful to provide guidance, and restrict assignments to a few tools. As students grow more confident, the amount of freedom of choice can be expanded


Resources and Tools



  • Davinci Resolve – Free Video Editor
  • Media Space – MSU’s Internal Video Platform
  • Adobe Spark – Free Video and Presentation
  • Zoom – Video Conferencing and Recording 


  • Audacity – Free Audio Editor and Recorder
  • Free Music Archive – Repository of CC Music 
  • Pod Bean – Free Podcast Hosting


  • Pixabay – Repository of CC Images
  • Piktochart – Infographic Creation Tool
  • Canva – Image Creation Tool
  • Sketch Up - 3D Modeling
  • Sway – Online Presentations
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