Quality Matters

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Quality Matters

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Susan Halick

Continuous Improvement


To get started with Quality Matters 

  • Download the QM Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition
  • Browse all of the specific standards in the QM Rubric and look for ideas to improve your online course design.
  • The points in the rubric represent level of importance. 
  • Three point standards are essential. 
  • See the Checklists in the QM @ MSU Community site to guide you through a course improvement process.

Tools on the QM site to review your course


Faculty and staff can use a private Self Review tool within the MyQM Course Review Management System (CRMS). Annotations explaining each standard in greater detail are provided and only available to subscribers, including MSU.


The tool will calculate the points awarded, allow you to make notes for improvements, and provide the option to send a report by email once completed.


Resources and Tools


Enroll in the QM@MSU Community site

To learn more about how QM is used at MSU, search for “quality matters” on the D2L Help site,, and enroll in the QM @ MSU Community by using the self-enrollment link included on the page, and listed below.


Find resources and engage with others

The site includes:

  • QM Information
  • QM Discussion and Networking
  • QM Professional Development
  • QM Webinars, Videos, and Research
  • Class Examples to meet specific standards
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