D2L Content Hoarding: Course Clean-up Tips

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D2L Content Hoarding: Course Clean-up Tips

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Susan Halick

Course Clean-up Tips 


Keep Only Active Content

You may find greater peace of mind by uncluttering your course. Try to keep only the content you are using in a semester course and place content you might use later in a dev course or save it outside of D2L.


Ditch Past CMS Baggage

The Manage Files area of your course may be carrying extra baggage from previous conversions or years of accumulated files. This can affect the speed of your course copy and make it hard to find items. It is not necessary to keep copying these unused files year after year. The process on the reverse side will show you how to clean these out in one fell swoop.


Store Video Files in MediaSpace

There are several reasons to save video files in Kaltura MediaSpace and link them in D2L. It avoids duplication if you use them in more than one course. It makes your course copy faster and less prone to errors. It may be easier to manage them and you can order free captions!


Resources and Tools

Clean “Course Copy”
This process copies all associated files from content and activities, such as quizzes and assignments, leaving behind any lingering files not actually used in the course.

  1.  Start in an empty course site (new dev course or new semester)
  2.  Go to Course Admin > Import/Export/Copy Components
  3.  Search for the course offering (to copy from)
  4.  Choose “Select Components”
  5.  Check the box to Select All Components
  6.  De-select Course Files (associated files will still copy)
  7.  Click Continue and Finish
  8.  Check the content in the new site

Files associated with Custom Widgets and Themes are not included.


What is contributing to course size?

  1. Go to Course Admin > Manage Files. 
  2. Click twice on the "Size" column to order the list from largest to smallest (anything in KB is small and over 10 MB is large). 
  3. If the Manage Files area contains multiple folders, you will need to look in each folder separately. 


If you use the clean course copy process above, look at the number of files cleaned up by comparing the numbers at the bottom of the Manage Files area.

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