Classroom Check-In Survey

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Classroom Check-In Survey

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Jacob Bradburn
Classroom Check-In Survey

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Jacob Bradburn

As an instructor, you may have questions about if your students are feeling engaged, understanding the material, feel like they belong to the classroom community, etc. A survey is a great way to check-in with your students about issues and topics such as these.  


Types of Survey Questions:

Open ended – Asks a questions and leaves a text box for an individual to type a response.   ex: How could this class be improved?


Response Scales – Asks an individual to select a response based on a scale.   ex. On a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), do you feel as if you belong to the classroom community?


There is a tradeoff between different types of questions. Open-ended questions allow for more details and specifics to be collected, but scales provide good summary information (e.g. average sense of belonging).


Tips for a Survey:

  • Make sure students know why the information is being collected and why it is important to complete the survey.
  • Have a student or colleague review the survey prior to administration and get their thoughts (e.g. what is unclear?).
  • Try and ask your questions as clear and straightforward as possible.
  • Try to keep your survey short, as longer survey can lead to fewer or fatigued responses.
  • Avoid asking sensitive questions and consider making your survey anonymous 
  • Have a plan for how to use the information collected.

Resources and Tools


Survey Platforms: (Free) (Free to MSU Students, Faculty, etc.)


Scale Examples:


Sarah Mae Sincero (Jun 6, 2012). Survey Response Scales. Retrieved from


Additional Resources:


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