College of Education 2021 #iteachmsu Educator Award Recipients

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College of Education 2021 #iteachmsu Educator Award Recipients

College of Education 2021 #iteachmsu Educator Award Recipients

The following is a list of the educators receiving the #iteachmsu Educator Award from the College of Education. For more information on these awards, check out the article entitled "#iteachmsu Educator Awards".

Kris Surla: Kristen’s impact on me has been so great that you’re just going to have to wait to read about it—in my book.

That’s right. That’s how deep it is and how deep it goes.

Kris, from infinity to infinity. There are no words in this language we share to describe the depth, the vastness, the expansive nature of my love and gratitude for you and all that you have done for me, with me, and alongside me.

You are the greatest of all time — a supernova in my galaxy! Shine bright, fight on. You’re the Yuri to my Malcolm.

Candace Robertson: Candace, has been major help as my advisor and mentor. She continues to see the great in me and wants my education at Michigan State to be the best. Setting me up for success in a way my undergraduate never did. Always, checking in to make sure I have what I need and that I'm okay! Candace is what Michigan State is all about. She also has provided me with the resources to begin un-grading in my classroom becoming the first teacher in AACPS to issue that grading policy. I'm so happy to have Candace as apart of my Michigan State experience and I hope she continues to stay proud of me! Thank you for all you do!

Brittany Dillman: Brittany demonstrates the epitome of student support, critical analysis, and curriculum development. For me, she was *hands down* the most supportive educator at MSU during a very difficult Fall 2020 semester due to socioeconomic and health issues caused by the pandemic. Brittany was caring and persistent in her communication with me to make sure I developed a plan to successfully manage my coursework. For many students undergoing a crisis, this kind of "hands-on" advising is needed. Brittany understood that and never once made me feel like I was a "burdensome" or "irresponsible" student-- because that's not who students are when they are going through traumatic experiences. I am not working again with Brittany in Spring 2021 and have received so much practical and thoughtful feedback on my course content. All of the advice and suggestions that Brittany gives me feel so tangible because she takes the time to provide detailed feedback. I have implemented many of the ideas and content I've gained through the MAET program in my other roles at MSU and have received nothing but positive feedback. Brittany is leading the hell out of this program and I have learned so much from her. Thank you for everything you do Brittany, because I see you and am deeply grateful that you are in this role.

Spencer Morgan: Spencer served as the graduate coordinator for the MSU Community Engagement Scholars Program for the 2020-2021 academic year. He is a valuable member of the team in the Center for Community Engaged Learning. Spencer developed positive and sincere relationships with the undergraduate scholars, community partners, and colleagues in our center. His thoughtful planning and willingness to guide the program in a totally virtual format are impressive and appreciated. Spencer is creative, professional, kind, and an outstanding mentor. He facilitated and led professional development sessions for students and partners and has assisted in further developing our program assessment strategies. I am so thankful for his patience and perseverance through a challenging time in the lives of so many. He contributed greatly to our ability to offer this important program during a global pandemic. Thank you Spencer! Your contributions are appreciated and your impact on the lives of the scholars and partners will be lasting. I am confident that your future as a Student Affairs Professional is going to be amazing!

Anyone can recognize a fellow Spartan for their contributions to MSU's teaching and learning mission or for how they made a lasting impression on your experience. All you have to do is click "Thank an Educator" in the left panel of From there you'll see a short form where you can enter the name, netID, and a short story of the educator you'd like to recognize.
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