College of Human Medicine 2021 #iteachmsu Educator Award Recipients

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College of Human Medicine 2021 #iteachmsu Educator Award Recipients

The following is a list of the educators receiving the #iteachmsu Educator Award from the College of Human Medicine. For more information on these awards, check out the article entitled "#iteachmsu Educator Awards".

Anne Dorrance: Dr. Dorrance has gone out of her way to make sure her students are engaged and communicating during COVID. She works relentlessly to ensure that the students she is associated with are still getting the best out of their experience at MSU. She has been an amazing mentor and I will take away many valuable lessons from her teaching and mentoring style.

Robin DeMuth: Superlative educator and administrator skills

Denis Alix: Dr. Denis Alix has been involved in teaching medical students in the College of Human Medicine at MSU for many years. Prior to teaching, he was a general surgeon involved in the kidney transplant program at St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Most recently he has been involved with adding his expertise helping to teach second year medical students in the gastrointestinal interssion elective. I would like to personally thank Dr. Alix for sharing his years of experience with medical students.

Brian Mavis: Dr. Mavis is the epitome of a talented, versatile, creative and courageous educator colleague. He works incredibly hard, and incredibly smart at the same time. He is thoughtful and often "thinks outside the box" to find a better solution. He makes every meeting he attends, every group he joins, every effort he participates in better. He is completely unselfish and will help you if you reach out to him, no matter how much harder it makes his day, or week, or year. He has made a huge impact on the college and on the careers of countless colleagues. Thank you for everything you have accomplished professionally on behalf of our college, and everything you have given me, personally, throughout the years we have worked together. You are irreplaceable.

Pavneet Banga: Pavneet knows what she wants, pursues her goals with vigor and grace, and inspires faculty, student and staff every day to do their best in any circumstance. Thank you Pavneet for putting everything first!

Amanda Moser: Amanda came into the program the very day we needed to have a backup assistant, without hesitation, she took the initiative to assist faculty, students and staff in the program. Thank you Amanda, for reminding us to keep calm and carry on!

Rachael Weisbrod: Thank you Rachael for always going above and beyond with faculty, student, and staff requests! Faculty appreciate the initiative in guiding and teaching undergraduates, without having ever having to ask. In short, Rachael Rocks!

Anyone can recognize a fellow Spartan for their contributions to MSU's teaching and learning mission or for how they made a lasting impression on your experience. All you have to do is click "Thank an Educator" in the left panel of From there you'll see a short form where you can enter the name, netID, and a short story of the educator you'd like to recognize.
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