College of Music Leadership Fellows

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College of Music Leadership Fellows

College of Music Leadership Fellows

Leadership Fellows
  • 2019-2021: Hunter Kopczynski
  • 2021-2022: Brian Taylor

Hunter Kopczynski (2019-2021)
During his first year of the Fellowship, Hunter Kopczynski spent much of the Fall semester building relationships between the Institute and the College’s graduate students and faculty. Hunter then turned his attention towards Studio Culture and worked closely with the Dean to identify areas of needs as well as to increase connections and transparency surrounding how Studios were run within and actress the college. He began building a community of graduate students and faculty across the university that provided Hunter with a variety of perspectives on how to explore and improve upon Studio Culture. This community continued to inform Hunter’s work during his second year as a Fellow, building on ideas to connect their curriculum (what we teach and perform), community (studios, ensembles, schools, and region), and creativity (unique application and expression of ideas) to build culture.

Brian Taylor (2021-2022)
Brian started off with an interest in improving collaboration skills to improve ability to work with different types of musicians, instruments, etc. He planned a series of events where students from all disciplines could come play music together just for enjoyment and to remember why they have dedicated their lives to this pursuit. In playing easy, interesting, and unusual music with peers we know little about, we can regain a sense of community that has been lost through the past two years of virtual performances. This event will encourage people to play music for fun, to laugh with each other, and to create relationships that will hopeful last beyond Spring Semester 2022. Due to scheduling difficulties, he ended up with one event, but it was very successful. Brian hopes future events will create an even deeper sense of community by including more studios and offering them monthly.

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